About Me

As a native of the beautiful Dolomite Mountains in South-Tirol I have always had an affinity with nature and adventure. At a young age while travelling around the world I discovered a love of the ocean and thus spent a year training and working as a scuba diving guide enjoying the beauty of the underwater world. After my trip I studied graphic design at an art academy in the Netherlands getting my Bachelor of Arts degree. Working some years in the design industry I decided it was time for a new challenge in life. I was looking for an activity combining creativity and the outdoors. I decided to train as a field guide and enrolled in a course at the Wildlife Film Academy in South Africa.

From that moment on I travelled back and forth between Southern Africa and Europe. While assisting on a longer film project about the African Wild Cat in the Kalahari I met Hannes Lochner, a wildlife photographer working there on a multi-year photography project. We soon discovered we had more in common than our love of wildlife. Hannes & I teamed up and I started documenting his life as a wildlife photographer. We now share our passion and live together in the wild of the African bush.

While living in the bush I meet interesting people all the time and my opportunities keep on growing.
I have been involved on a film shoot with the BBC for the new Africa series. I also have been working several times with the german production company Blue Planet Film on the three-part series called 'South Africa, The 8th Continent' which has been release in April 2016.