As a native of the beautiful Dolomite Mountains in South-Tyrol wildlife filmmaker Noa has always had an affinity with nature and adventure. At a young age while travelling around the world she discovered a love of the ocean and thus spent a year training and working as a scuba diving guide enjoying the beauty of the underwater world.
After studying graphic design in the Netherlands and getting her Bachelor of Arts degree she worked some years in the design industry.
She decided then it was time for a new challenge in life and combine creativity with the outdoors.
This is where her adventure and passion for the African bush started. After enrolling a course in field guiding and wildlife filmmaking more opportunities opened up and she kept on returning to Africa. It was then, while working on a film project in the Kalahari, that she met her husband and wildlife photographer Hannes Lochner. Together they travelled through different countries in Southern Africa and Noa started documenting not just his life as a wildlife photographer but also the behaviour of all the animals they encountered. They now share their passion and live in the wild of the African bush working on diverse projects.