Growing up in the heart of the Dolomite Mountains in South-Tyrol, Italy, Noa demonstrated from an early age an enduring love for nature and adventure. Having discovered her passion for the ocean while traveling, she dedicated a year to training and working as a scuba diving guide, immersing herself in the underwater world’s beauty. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design, Noa gathered several years of experience in the design industry before seeking new challenges. Combining her creativity with a love for the outdoors, she ventured into the African bush, enrolling in field guiding and wildlife filmmaking courses. During a film project in the Kalahari, Noa crossed paths with her husband and wildlife photographer, Hannes Lochner. Together, they traverse Southern Africa, documenting wildlife behaviour while residing amidst the untamed beauty of the African bush, collaborating on diverse projects that reflect their shared passion for nature. With over a decade of experience, Noa is a seasoned wildlife camerawoman adept at capturing the intricacies of animal behaviour in their natural habitats. Specialising in using advanced camera equipment and techniques, she produces high-quality footage for documentaries without repetition. Her skills spans long lens work, drone operation, and utilising various production cameras. Collaborating with production companies and filmmakers, she contributes to documentaries and promotional videos, showcasing her deep understanding of animal behaviour and habitats. Her adaptability shines through in challenging filming environments, having spent extensive time in the Southern African bush, even setting up off-the-grid remote base camps for prolonged projects. Beyond filming, she possesses skills in sound recording, hide work, high-speed camera operation, timelapse photography, and video editing. Additionally, she boasts a strong grasp of wildlife conservation principles and ethics, complemented by fluency in five languages.